DRAPS Program

Dermatology Associates developed a research and clinical training program for a select group of students who have completed an undergraduate degree, and are taking a gap year off to gain hands on experience before applying to medical school or a physician assistant program. The program’s objective is to create a more formalized method for students to gain the experience that will increase the likelihood of their acceptance into medical school or the physician assistant program and foster a lifelong commitment to the pursuit of knowledge. “The students in this program are learning to do what they do after medical school before they attend medical school” according to Dr. Cognetta.

The students will spend a year of learning/training working full-time side by side with the physician, physician assistant and their clinical staff.  DRAPS students are trained to fill syringes, clean instruments, pack the instruments, stock the patient rooms, bring patients back and work them up (complete paperwork), help set up surgical procedures, patient phone calls and completion of patient charting. Students commit to spending one year working full-time in the DRAPS program. This is a wonderful opportunity for students to develop their skills, clinical experience and knowledge for a more competitive medical school or physician assistant application. Dermatology Associates only accepts students who have completed their undergraduate degree, and will be applying to medical school or the physician assistant program. The experience and skills learned during these busy and long days are priceless.

While not all the students who enter the DRAPS program will become dermatologists, those who do have a wealth of experience to draw upon.

For more information you can email Lcollins@datfl.com. To apply to the DRAPS program applications are available at any of our Tallahassee offices.